The Value of Certifications

The number and types of certifications have exploded over the years as the concept of postsecondary school as a way to “finish” one’s education was replaced with the idea of validating lifelong learning through continuing education. Those who have earned associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees before beginning their careers in emerging tech quickly find that they need additional training to fill in the gap between their degree and the industry’s requirements. For those who have taken a non-traditional path to enter the emerging tech industry, filling in the skills gap is even more important.

In the rapidly changing field of emerging technology, you’re never finished learning, so your training and the evidence of your expertise need to keep evolving. Certifications are valuable because they:

  • Bridge the gap between formal degrees and currently needed skills
  • Enable newcomers and professionals to verify their knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Help advance your career
  • Support employers on their quest to find the right people for their open positions
  • Typically require continuing education, which ensures that certified professionals stay current with the latest developments, skills, and technologies in emerging tech

However, not all certifications are created equally. Very few are vendor-neutral or developed following international standards of best practice. Vendor-based certifications only apply to specific products. Certifications that don’t follow international standards affect that value of the certification because they may not align with what’s actually happening in the emerging tech industry.

Here are the three main motives behind earning a certification in emerging tech:

1. Career Advancement
Certification can lead to more job offers, promotions, higher earning potential, and additional professional opportunities.
Whether you’re an established professional or just entering the industry, the most likely reason to earn a certification is to advance your career. Certifications can dramatically impact your career trajectory and earning potential because it verifies your skills and opens up new opportunities.

2. Self-Development
If your goal is to be the most knowledgeable professional you can be, earning and maintaining a certification can help you achieve it.
Unlike many other industries, emerging tech is more about what you know and not whom you know. Many emerging tech professionals are intrinsically motivated to expand their knowledge and skills in the field. Their goal is to become a subject matter expert and improve their skills and abilities, which can dramatically affect their effectiveness and confidence within the industry. It also demonstrates their commitment to their industry and willingness to invest in themselves as a professional.

3. Professional Recognition
Certifications confer a high level of credibility in the emerging tech field.
Certifications that are designed to allow competent professionals to stand apart from their competition can elevate your status in the industry. If your goal is to gain the recognition and respect of your peers and colleagues, then a certification can help you achieve that goal.

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