2022 IT Job Opportunities

The hiring rate for the IT sector continues to grow as technology hiring is trending upward.

The tech industry has experienced consistent employment growth for over a year.  The number of open positions grew by over 7,000 during January of 2022.

The following information is from the CompTIA Tech Jobs Report for February:

These industries had the largest number of open positions:

  • Professional, scientific and technical services: 56,860
  • Finance and insurance: 38,820
  • Manufacturing: 31,379
  • Information: 16,796
  • Retail: 11,687
  • Health care and social assistance: 9,793
  • Public administration: 7,515

These five areas experienced the most growth in tech job postings during the previous month:

  • Seattle: +1,956 postings
  • Washington DC: +1,525 postings
  • Detroit: +623 postings
  • Chicago: +535 postings
  • Charlotte: +533 postings

These positions had the largest numbers of job postings during the last month:

  • Computer support specialist: 24,426
  • IT project manager: 21,016
  • Network engineer: 16,345
  • Cyber analyst: 15,048
  • Computer systems engineer: 14,923

The opportunity to work remotely or from home is an option for many careers in IT. These job titles had the largest numbers of postings for remote work:

  • Software developer: 37,000
  • IT support specialist: 10,456
  • Web developer: 9,832
  • Systems engineer: 7,185
  • Systems analyst: 6,710

IT jobs offer competitive salaries and provide great stability. Here are the median salaries of all IT occupations for January 2022:

  • 10th percentile $47,416
  • 25th percentile $70,593
  • 50th percentile $92,231
  • 75th percentile $110,603
  • 90th percentile $126,504

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