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Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2022 – Cybersecurity and Project Management

Class Title: Cybersecurity and Project Management
Tuition fee for both classes: $800.00
Books: $200.00
Duration: 8 weeks

Please see the description for Dates/Time/Location

Register for the Summer Camp 2021:

Summer Camp for High School and Middle School Students:
Class Title: Cybersecurity
Duration: 4 Weeks
Start Date: June 7, 2022
Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 
Time: 10 AM to 12 PM
Total Seats: 50 (Class Size = 10 students per class)
Tuition Fee : $500.00   Books: $100.00
Location: ONLINE and IN-PERSON in Charlotte and Cary, NC
We also have limited Scholarships available.

For Registration, Please pay the Tuition Fee and email us at Summercamp@comnetgroup.com  with the following details: Student name, Parent/Guardian Name and Phone number,  Grade/Age of the student and Class interested in. Thank you.

Cybersecurity Course Content:

Lesson 1: Security Fundamentals

Topic A: The Information Security Cycle
Topic B: Information Security Controls
Topic C: Authentication Methods
Topic D: Cryptography Fundamentals
Topic E: Security Policy Fundamentals

Lesson 2: Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

Topic A: Social Engineering
Topic B: Physical Threats and Vulnerabilities
Topic C: Network-Based Threats
Topic D: Wireless Threats and Vulnerabilities
Topic E: Software-Based Threats

Lesson 3: Network Security

Topic A: Network Devices and Technologies
Topic B: Network Design Elements and Components
Topic C: Implement Networking Protocols
Topic D: Apply Network Security Administration Principles
Topic E: Secure Wireless Traffic

Lesson 4: Managing Application, Data, and Host Security

Topic A: Establish Device/Host Security
Topic B: Application Security
Topic C: Data Security
Topic D: Mobile Security

Lesson 5: Access Control, Authentication, and Account Management

Topic A: Access Control and Authentication Services
Topic B: Implement Account Management Security Controls

Lesson 6: Managing Certificates

Topic A: Install a CA Hierarchy
Topic B: Enroll Certificates
Topic C: Secure Network Traffic by Using Certificates
Topic D: Renew Certificates
Topic E: Revoke Certificates
Topic F: Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys

Lesson 7: Compliance and Operational Security

Topic A: Physical Security
Topic B: Legal Compliance
Topic C: Security Awareness and Training

Lesson 8: Risk Management

Topic A: Risk Analysis
Topic B: Implement Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Techniques
Topic C: Scan for Vulnerabilities
Topic D: Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques

Lesson 9: Managing Security Incidents

Topic A: Respond to Security Incidents
Topic B: Recover from a Security Incident

Lesson 10: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Topic A: Business Continuity
Topic B: Plan for Disaster Recovery
Topic C: Execute DRPs and Procedures


Class Title: Project Management
Duration: 4 Weeks
Start Date: June 7, 2022
Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 
Time: 1 PM to 3 PM 
Total Seats: 50 (Class Size = 10 students per class)
Tuition Fee: $500.00   Books: $100.00
Location: ONLINE and IN-PERSON in Charlotte and Cary, NC

Project Management Course Content:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Project Management

Topic 1A: Project Management Basics
Topic 1B: Factors Influencing a Project

Lesson 2: Launching Projects

Topic 2A: How Organizations Choose the Right Project
Topic 2B: Identify Project Stakeholders and Their Expectations
Topic 2C: Identify the Project Scope
Topic 2D: Prepare a SOW
Topic 2E: Formally Authorize a Project

Lesson 3: Estimating Project Work

Topic 3A: Estimate Project Effort and Resources Using Top-Down Estimation
Topic 3B: Estimate Project Effort and Resources Using Bottom-Up Estimation
Topic 3C: Reduce Risks in Project Estimates

Lesson 4: Creating a Project Schedule

Topic 4A: Illustrate Project Flow
Topic 4B: Identify Activity Resources
Topic 4C: Schedule Project Work

Lesson 5: Planning Project Costs

Topic 5A: Estimate Project Costs
Topic 5B: Establish the Cost Baseline
Topic 5C: Reconcile Funding and Costs

Lesson 6: Planning for Risks

Topic 6A: Create a Risk Management Plan
Topic 6B: Identify Risks and Their Causes
Topic 6C: Analyze Risks
Topic 6D: Develop a Risk Response Plan

Lesson 7: Planning for Quality and Compliance

Topic 7A: Deliver the Desired Project Results
Topic 7B: Verify Compliance Requirements

Lesson 8: Managing Human Resources

Topic 8A: Plan Your Dream Team
Topic 8B: Put the Team Together
Topic 8C: Build the Team
Topic 8D: Manage the Team

Lesson 9: Managing Project Procurements

Topic 9A: Plan for Project Procurements
Topic 9B: Obtain Responses from Vendors
Topic 9C: Choose the Right Vendor
Topic 9D: Manage Vendors and Procurements

Lesson 10: Managing Change During Project Execution

Topic 10A: Gear Up for Project Execution
Topic 10B: Manage Project Changes
Topic 10C: Monitor the Project Scope

Lesson 11: Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Cost

Topic 11A: Monitor and Control the Project Schedule
Topic 11B: Optimize the Project Schedule
Topic 11C: Monitor and Control Project Costs

Lesson 12: Monitoring Risk and Quality

Topic 12A: Monitor and Control Risks
Topic 12B: Put Quality Plans into Action
Topic 12C: Control Project Quality

Lesson 13: Communicating and Reporting

Topic 13A: Communicate in a Project
Topic 13B: Distribute Project Information
Topic 13C: Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations
Topic 13D: Report on Project Performance

Lesson 14: Closing the Project

Topic 14A: Hand Off the Project
Topic 14B: Close Project Procurements
Topic 14C: Wrap Up a Project
Appendix A: Project Management Templates