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Java Programming

Java Programming

As a practical hands-on guide, the Java Fundamentals course progressively imparts you with the skills you need to efficiently write programs in Java. After a quick introduction to the principles of Java, you'll move on to learn all about data types, data structures, and control. You'll also understand object-oriented programming in depth, with emphasis on typecasting, abstract classes, and interfaces. You'll learn how to strengthen your code by creating your own generics and handling exceptions. With the right flow of content coupled with exercises and activities, Java Fundamentals builds a solid foundation for you that you can use later to delve into the huge forest of Java API. Since its inception, Java has stormed the programming world. Its features and functionalities provide developers with the tools needed to write robust cross-platform applications. Java Fundamentals introduces you to these tools and functionalities that will enable you to create Java programs. The course begins with an introduction to the language, its philosophy, and evolution over time, until the latest release. You'll learn how the javac/java tools work and what Java packages are - the way a Java program is usually organized. Once you are comfortable with this, you'll be introduced to advanced concepts of the language, such as control flow keywords. You'll explore object-oriented programming and the part it plays in making Java what it is. In the concluding lessons, you'll get to grips with classes, typecasting, and interfaces, and understand the use of data structures, arrays, strings, handling exceptions, and creating generics.
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