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iPhone Software Development

Course number: CGIIPHONE40

The Apple iOS is the powerful Operating System powering Apple mobile devices. This Training Course will provide an in-depth understanding of the iOS Architecture, detailed process of the app development process, the concepts of Swift, understanding the Core Data Services, iOS Testing, uploading app to App Store and Apple Certification.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the basics of iOS Architecture and concepts of Swift
  • Learn the basics of iOS programming concepts
  • Create application layouts and develop complete apps
  • Learn about the Plist Files and create NS user default
  • Understand web services, address book usage, and data storage
  • Work on Notification Services on iOS
  • Study the Sprite Kit framework for rendering 2D games
  • Understand the Apple Certification process
  • Upload apps to the Apple App Store
  • Anyone without programming knowledge interested in iPhone App Development can take this class. A basic knowledge of any object-oriented programming will certainly help.
Target Audience
  • Software developers and professionals
  • System developers and web developers
  • System design professionals
  • Apple iOS app enthusiasts

Certified Developer - iOS


Apple Certification Exam


Post class completion, students can appear for the Apple Certification Exam.

Course Content
Introduction – iPhone SDK, XCode, Interface Builder, Camera integration, Instruments, iOS architecture layers in detail, Introduction to Cocoa Framework

What is iOS?, History of IOS, Pre-requisite for IOS development, IOS SDK introduction, XCode, Instruments, Simulator, IOS architecture overview, Smart features of IOS platforms, Multitasking, Passbook, Social media, iCloud, In-app purchase, Game center, Notification center, Ads rich media ads, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Accessibility, Bluetooth, Orientations, Camera integration, Email, contacts , web pages and messages, Location services, Maps, Interaction touch based interface, Core data and database storage, IOS architecture layers in detail, Core OS layer, Core services layer, Media layer, Cocoa touch layer

Introduction – iPhone SDK, XCode, Interface Builder, Swift, Swift-Fundamentals, Objects and Classes

iOS app development, Swift overview, understanding class and objects, Understanding x-code and hello world, Data type, variables, operators, Demo of x code, Void type, Constants, Operators, loop, Methods, Arguments, Blocks, Pointer

Swift-Protocols, Properties, Swift-Categories, Selectors, Exception Handling

iOS app development, Objective & agenda, Properties, Inheritance, Access control in inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Swift-categories, Characteristics of categories, Note, Extension, Syntax, Protocols, Syntax, Property of protocols, Dynamic binding, Foundation frame work-deep drive, Data storage-collection type, Exception handling, Fast enumeration – syntax, Fast enumeration -backward, Fast enumeration- forward

Swift Memory Management – ARC Introduction, Design Patterns and Introduction to Developing Applications

Memory Management, Manual rules retain cycle, Important consideration when using the MRR, ARC, Design pattern – MVC, how to create first IOS application, App event handling, App lifecycle from background, IB outlet, IB action, Events, Implementation

Navigation Bar Controller, Table View Controller & Customizing Cells in Table View, Tab Bar Controller, Split View Controller

Advanced controls in IOS, Toolbar, Toolbar demo, Status bar, Status bar demo, Navigation bar, Navigation bar demo, Tab bar, Tab bar demo, Image view, Image view demo, Table view Controller, Table view demo, Split view controller, Split view Demo

Programmatic User Interface Creation

Options for creating IOS DB, Plist file as DB storage, NS user defaults as storage, Example – How to create NS user default, SQlite for data storage

Introduction to Plist Concept & Introduction to Core Data, Map Kit Framework & Dealing with XML and RSS, Integrating with Location Services and Simulating Location Services

Core Data Services, Concept to understand core data, Demo of core data, how core data works, what are the important things in core data, Location Services: Core location framework, Core Location- Demo, how we can create own delegate method, Map KIT, Annotation

Address Book Usage, Web Services Usage, Introduction to Notification Services

IOS notification, Local notification, NS notification center, Trigger notification, UI local notification, Push notification, IOS web service integration, Address book framework

Testing iOS application – Using XCODE for Testing and Instruments

Unit testing IOS app, how to create a new test case, Understanding XC test, Pretty function, Auto, action testing IOS APPS, UI Automation-Access element apps, Understanding Element Hierarchy, Understanding Automation, Performance testing iOS Application, Memory Analysis, CPU Analysis, I/O Activity, Graphics Analysis

Introduction to Sprite Kit

Understanding Sprite kit, Introduction to sprite kit components, Sprite kit view, Scenes, Nodes, Physical world, Actions, Transitions, Texture atlas, Sprite kit- Example game design, Designing the practical game, Planning for the game, Executing the game demo

Understanding Apple certification Process and Apple App distribution process

Apple certification and distribution process, Apple certification process, Types of certification, registering for the certificate, Getting the access to apple developer console, understanding apple developer console, creating a certificate and provisioning profile, Using the provisioning profile for installing the app on device, Apple app distributed process, creating app distribution certificate and profile, uploading app to iTunes connect, Distributing the application to the app store

iOS Dev Project

Project – Sprite Kit Game

Problem Statement – In this game, the ball comes in a random order, then the aim of the archer is to hit the arrow on the ball. After playing the game, it displays the score according to the number of hits.

Available Formats

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