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Quality Assurance with QTP


The proper testing of software can save an organization time, effort and money. In this course, software professionals and managers gain thorough knowledge of testing approaches that can be integrated into the software life cycle. Through hands-on exercises, you learn how to build testing methods into your work process to correctly design products that are functionable and maintainable.

In this course, you apply software testing methods throughout the development life cycle, ensuring software functions properly and are more easily maintainable-thereby saving your organization time, effort and money.


Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Apply general software testing principles and fundamental test processes
  • Implement test levels and types to various software development models
  • Conduct static techniques using proper roles, responsibilities and tools
  • Perform specification- and structure-based test design techniques
  • Manage tests including planning, estimating, monitoring and controlling


Who Should Attend

Software testers, programmers, test leaders and quality specialists, involved with developing, testing or improving the development of systems and have a familiarity with software development concepts.



Fundamentals of Software Testing

Software Development Life Cycles

  • Waterfall Models
  • RUP Iterative Process
  • Agile / SCRUM
  • Testing throughout the SDLC
  • Common Testing Principles
  • Basic Test process
  • Types of testing


Test Management

  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Development
  • Test Execution
  • Test Reporting
  • Defect Tracking


Test Design Techniques

  • Requirements based testing
  • Risk based testing
  • Black Box vs. White Box testing
  • Use cases and scenario based testing
  • Agile based testing


Real Life Examples

  • Writing test cases based on real life projects
  • Test cases examples based on Windows applications
  • Web based testing

Testing Tools Support

  • Various vendors and their testing tools support
  • HP Mercury testing tools
    • Win Runner and QTP
    • Test Director and MQC (Quality Center)
    • Load Runner

IBM Rational testing tools

  • Rational Functional Tester
  • Rational Test Manager
  • Rational Quality Manager

Microsoft testing tools

  • MS Visual Test Suite

Open Source Testing Tools

  • JIRA
  • Bugzilla
  • Selenium

Automated Testing tools

  • Detail learning of QTP (separate course outline)
  • Detail learning of MQC (separate course outline)

Course Wrap-up

  • Prep for QA jobs
  • Prep for QA certifications


Quick Test Professional (QTP) Fundamentals

Introduction to Test Automation

  • What is test automation?
  • Why automate?
  • When to automate?
  • What to automate?
  • Manual Vs. Automated testing
  • Automation strategies
  • Automation frameworks
  • Tools available for automation
  • Introduction to Mercury QTP (QTP training)


Preparing to Record

  • Review documented user steps
  • Identify the application under test (AUT)
  • Prepare the test environment


Creating a Basic Test

  • Create and execute basic tests
  • Understand QuickTest results


Working with Objects

  • Identify objects and their properties
  • Discuss basics of the Object Repository


Adding Synchronization

  • Add synchronization steps
  • Set Global Synchronization Timeout


Verifying with Standard Checkpoints

  • Enhance tests with checkpoints
  • Use regular expressions


Using Parameters and Data Driven Tests

  • Use input and output parameters
  • Create Data Driven tests
  • Enhance checkpoints with parameters


Making Reusable and Multiple Actions

  • Create a Single Reusable Action
  • Create multiple actions from a single action
  • Use Global and Local Data Sheets


Adding Steps without Recording

  • Add steps using keyword view
  • Add steps using the Step Generator


Writing Custom Checkpoints

  • Create a custom checkpoint
  • Compare captured values with expected values
  • Use debugging tools
  • Report the step outcome with a Reporter Event


Using Database Checkpoints

  • Define Database checkpoints
  • Create SQL queries
  • Insert a Database checkpoint
  • Parameterize a database query


Utilizing a Shared Object Repository

  • Describe local versus shared object repositories
  • Use the Object Repository Manager


Utilizing Recovery Scenarios

  • Create a recovery scenario
  • Associate a recovery scenario with a test


Introduction to Expert View

  • Understanding Expert View
  • Introduction to VBScript or OOP
  • Translating Steps


Using Expert View

  • Using the Step Generator
  • Entering Steps Manually
  • Debugging the Script


Working with Object Properties

  • Retrieving Properties of an Object
  • Using Constants and Variables
  • Using the Report Utility Object


Working with Dynamic Objects

  • Using Dynamic Objects
  • Building a Programmatic Description


Using VBScript Operators, Statements, and Functions

  • Using VBScript Operators, Statements, and Functions


Working with Dynamic Data

  • Retrieving Data
  • Using Looping Statements
  • Using the Data Table Object


Retrieving External Data

  • Importing Data
  • Working with Databases


Managing QuickTest Exception Handling

  • Overview of Exception Handling
  • Handling Exceptions Through Recovery Scenarios
  • Handling Exceptions Programmatically


Project - Test a commercial CRM product



Course Number:


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