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SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Course number: CGICRM40

SAP is one of the biggest names in the domains of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. Learning the SAP CRM can provide a clear understanding of the skills needed for a CRM solution. Since SAP is so widely used in the world today, getting training in SAP CRM can help you grow your career quickly.


There are no prerequisites for taking this training.  Regardless of your prior skills and experience, you can master SAP CRM.  However, the following are recommended:

  • Basic knowledge of CRM processes in general
  • Knowledge of SAP ERP, particularly in the Sales and Service Environment
Target Audience
  • SAP ERP as well as non-SAP Customers and decision makers considering an implementation of SAP CRM
  • Customers, consultants, project managers and key users who need to get a comprehensive and integrative overview of the key capabilities and processes of the SAP CRM solution

SAP CRM Certification


SAP CRM Certification Exam


Post class completion, students can appear for the SAP CRM Certification Exam.

Course Outline
Intro to SAP CRM
Intro to SAP
  • What is SAP?  What is ERP?  Brief history of SAP
  • SAP advantages and disadvantages
  • What is ERP?  List of solutions from SAP
  • What is a transaction in SAP?
  • SAP landscapes
  • What are SAP instance and client?
  • SAP interface technology
  • SAP landscapes and transports management
  • SAP subprocesses
SAP Gui Training
  • SAP gui training and navigation
  • SAP gui screen elements and navigation
  • Managing favorites and other functions
  • Printing in SAP
  • SAP own data management
  • SAP tables
  • SAP help F1, Technical screen elements, table browsing
  • What is CRM?
  • CRM Requirements
  • CRM benefits
  • CRM features
  • Sales management
  • Service management
  • Marketing management
  • Interaction center management
  • CRM Trade management
  • CRM Partner management and BCM
CRM Features
  • SAP CRM Introduction
  • SAP CRM – Sales, Service, Marketing management
  • SAP CRM – ecommerce, channel management, interaction center
  • CRM features
  • CRM Architecture
CRM Security

CRM security components

SAP CRM Navigation
  • CRM Architecture and Navigation
  • CRM Navigation continued
  • CRM Customization – more architecture components
  • CRM Business partner in transactions
  • Demo – Logon to CRM and basic navigation
  • Demo
  • Conclusion

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