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Course number: CGIQAQTP40

Selenium is a powerful yet open source testing platform that is being used extensively by some of the largest corporations in the world. It has some distinct advantages like an efficient way to generate test scripts, reusing the scripts, validating functionality and automating the test process and remote software testing. The Selenium Certification training course will help you to apply for jobs as a QA with Automation – Selenium Testing professional.

The Selenium webdriver training course will make you an expert in selenium architecture and selenium 3.0 components. As part of this course, you will master automation testing framework for web applications, TDD, selenium architecture, JaCoCo, TestNG, and Sikuli. You will work on practical applications and work on a projects and assignments to prepare you for Certified Selenium Professional certification.

You will learn the following skills:

• Selenium Automated Testing advantages
• Learn about Selenium RC
• Deploy Selenium IDE functions and commands
• Advanced study of SIKULI, JUNIT, TestNG Plugin in Eclipse
• Learn about Object Repository and Maven
• Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
• WebDriver programs like Textbox, Checkbox and multiple Windows
• Use Selenium Grid for software testing

  • Basic knowledge of C or Java or some programming experience is beneficial but not mandatory.
Target Audience
  • Software Developers, Testers, QA Engineers
  • System Analysts, Administrators, BI and ETL Professionals

Certified Selenium Professional


Certified Selenium Professional Exam


Post class completion, students can appear for the Certified Selenium Professional exam.

Course Content
Getting started with Selenium

Introduction to Selenium testing, understanding significance of automation testing, benefits of Selenium automation testing, comparison of Selenium and Quick Test Professional

Selenium Features

Understanding the Selenium Integrated Development Environment, the concept of Selenium Remote Control, working with Selenium Grid, Selenium Web Grid

Deep Dive into Selenium IDE

Detailed understanding of the Selenium IDE features, addition of script assertions, General Selenese commands, deploying the first Selenium Script and Options, IDE Test Suite, sample project IDE, recording Selenium test case, Selenium limitations.

Hands-on Exercise – Record a test case, Execute First test case

Selenium Web driver Automation

The basic Architecture of Selenium Web Driver, download and installation, creating a Java function and executing

Hands-on Exercise – Install selenium web driver

Fire Path Installation

Deploying Web Drivers for scripting, getting the HTML source of Web Element, Table and Form Elements, Firebug extension and Fire Path installation.

Hands-on Exercise – Set up a Grid

Searching Elements

Locator, Locator-ID, deploying searching elements using the link text, name, using XPath, searching elements using CSS and Web Element Properties

Hands-on Exercise – Deploy searching elements using the link text, using name, using XPath, Search elements using CSS and Web Element Properties

Advance User Interactions and Cross Browser Testing

Working with Advanced User Interactions, understanding the various features like Drag and Drop, Double Click, Keys and Context, deploying Cross Browser Testing using Web Driver, Executing tests in Chrome and Firefox.

Hands-on Exercise – Deploy and execute a test case for Chrome, Deploy and execute a test case for Firefox

Introduction to TestNG Plugin

Installation of TestNG Plugin in Eclipse, TestNG sample script, understanding Selenium test script writing, TestNG test suites creation, html and xml report generation using TestNG

Hands-on Exercise – Install TestNG plugin in Eclipse, write a TestNG script and execute, generate an html report, Generate an xml report

TestNG Terminologies

Annotations, Parameters, Groups- Include and Exclude, Test Result, Data Providers

Hands-on Exercise – Mark annotation Group test results

TestNg Data Providers

TestNg Data Providers, Screenshot on failed Test cases, wait statements of Web Driver, Wait in Selenium, Explicit wait, Implicit wait, Fluent wait, PageLoad Timeout

Hands-on Exercise – Capture screenshot on a failed test case Setup wait timeout to wait for page load before resuming test execution

Maven Integration

Introduction to Maven, Maven Usage, Configuring Maven with Eclipse, taking automatic updates, running tests in Maven, Creating POM.xml file

Maven Integration Tool

Maven Integration Tool

Web Driver Sample Programs

Learn to work with text box, button, link, checkbox, drop down and radio button, Selecting and Displaying Values, writing all values in Notepad/Excel/WordPad, capturing screenshot (positive), On Load Alerts, scroll down Page in JavaScript’s, HTML Unit driver, Managing Multiple Windows and AJAX Auto suggestions, Managing Web Tables

Hands-on Exercise – Use text box, button, checkbox, drop down, radio buttons, display views, Capture screenshot, Manage web tables

JUNIT Operations and Test Framework

Annotations in JUNIT, Methods in JUNIT, JUNIT Test Suites, ANT Build and JUNIT reporting, Test Framework, Data driven framework, Keyword driven framework, Hybrid framework, Execution of Test case from Test Framework

Hands-on Exercise – Load an excel file, execute a test case using Data driven framework, execute a test case using Keyword driven framework

Object Repository

Understanding of Object Repository, using OR in Scripts, learning sample scripts using object repository, Page Object Modeling, Page Factory

Hands-on Exercise – Using OR in scripts, Implement POM

Test Data Management

Test Data Management

Hands-on Exercise – Load an excel file, execute a test case using Data driven framework, execute a test case using Keyword driven framework

Selenium Grid Concept

Selenium Grid Overview, Executing single script in different browsers and different scripts in different browsers

Hands-on Exercise – Set up a Grid

Mobile App Testing using Appium

UI Automator Framework in Appium, locating elements in android app using UI Automator view, Automation testing for Android apps

Hands-on Exercise – Write a test case using UIAutomator for an Android app

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