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Course number: CGIJIRA40

Tracking issues is a critical component of your project management strategy. Jira provides a web-based repository for creating, tracking, and reporting on feature requests, bugs reported, or managing your workflow. This hands-on course enables you to work with a Jira instance and “learn by doing”. The course focus is on exploring best practices and practical skills through hands-on activities.

Course Objectives:

You will learn:

  • Getting started with Jira
  • Using Jira for Business Projects
  • Using Jira for Agile Projects
  • Issue Management
  • Field Management
  • Screen Management
  • Workflows and Business Process
  • Searching and Filtering
  • Students should have experience in Enterprise application development and working on project teams.
Target Audience

This course is for new Jira end users.

Course Content
Getting Started with Jira
  • Jira overview
  • Core concepts
  • Terminology
  • Infrastructure
  • Users and groups
  • Jira roles
Using Jira for Business Projects
  • Overview of projects
  • Project types
  • Project screens
  • Tasks and task management
  • Project management
  • Process management
Using Jira for Agile Projects
  • Overview of Agile with Jira
  • Kanban overview
  • Running a project with Kanban
  • Configuring agile screen
  • Resolving an issue
Issue Management
  • Overview of issues
  • Working with issues
  • Issue cloning
  • Time tracking
  • Issues and comments
  • Tasks and subtasks
Field Management
  • Overview of fields
  • Built-in fields
  • Custom fields
  • Searching
  • Configuring Jira for fields
Screen Management
  • Overview of Jira screens
  • Working with screens
  • Using screen tabs
  • Issue type screens
  • Associating an issue type screen a with a project
  • Customizing Jira screens
Workflow and Business Process
  • Overview of workflow
  • Mapping business processes
  • Managing workflows
  • Authoring a workflow
  • Updating an existing workflow
  • Workflow schemes
  • Applying a workflow to a project
Searching and Reporting
  • Overview of searching
  • Search screens
  • Basic search
  • Advanced search with JQL
  • Working with search results
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Filters
  • Gadgets
  • Charts
Summary and Best Practices
  • Looking back at the “Big Picture”
  • Jira Administration Overview
  • Where Jira fits into the Agile perspective
  • Jira End-User best practices

Available Formats

Live Online