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Introduction to SQL

Course number: CGISQ:40

This course is geared toward anyone who is interested in transitioning into a database professional role or whose job role is expanding to encompass database elements. The course describes fundamental database concepts including database types, database languages, and database designs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Key database concepts in the context of SQL Server 2016
  • Database languages used in SQL Server 2016
  • Data modeling techniques
  • Normalization and denormalization techniques
  • Relationship types and effects in database design
  • Effects of database design on performance
  • Commonly used database objects
  • This is a foundation-level course and therefore only requires general computer literacy.
Target Audience

The primary audience for this course is anyone who is moving into a database role, or whose role has expanded to include database elements.

Course Content
Introduction to Databases
  • Relational databases
  • Other types of databases
  • Data analysis
  • Database languages in SQL Server
Data Modeling
  • Data modeling
  • ANSI/SPARC database model
  • Entity relationship modeling
  • Fundamentals of Normalization
  • Normal from
  • Denormalization
  • Introduction to relationships
  • Planning referential integrity
  • Indexing
  • Query performance
  • Concurrency
Database Objects
  • Tables
  • Views
  • Stored procedures, triggers and functions
Classroom Live Labs
  • Lab 1: Exploring and querying SQL Server databases
  • Lab 2: Identify components in entity relationship modeling
  • Lab 3: Normalizing data
  • Lab 4: Planning and implementing referential integrity
  • Lab 5: Performance issues
  • Lab 6: Using SQL Server

Available Formats

Live Online