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Google Cloud Architect

Course number: CGIGCA40

The Cloud Architect course focuses on familiarizing new learners with the basic concepts and lead to build a deeper understanding of the Platform. You will learn how to manage GCP services such as compute services, database services, security services, networking services, and IAM. This course is designed in reference to Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam.

What you will learn

Upon completion of the Google Cloud architect course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Learn About GCP Services – Compute Services, Networking Services, Storage Services, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Services, Tools and Operations
  • Manage Google Cloud Platform with Console and Command Line
  • Work with gcloud, gsutil, and other Command Line Tools
  • Create static, dynamic, and cloud routes
  • Use GCP firewall rules and demonstrate how to use VPC peering
  • Handle traffic using autoscaling
  • Set IAM Policy at different levels
  • Work with KMS
  • Demonstrate the use of Compute Engine and Virtual Machines
  • Use Data Service Options in GCP
  • Create Kubernetes cluster in GCP using GKE
  • Demonstrate App Engine and Recall Cloud Functions
  • Demonstrate the use of Cloud Source Repository
  • Use cloud logging and monitoring services
  • Use the Deployment manager
  • Demonstrate how to use managed Services
  • Foundational knowledge on Cloud architecture (watch a few videos on YouTube)
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing (watch a few videos on YouTube)
  • Basic understanding of virtualization, networking & databases (watch a few videos on YouTube)
Target Audience

The following professionals can attend this course:

  • Individuals looking to establish their credibility and value in the market as experienced Cloud Architects
  • Professionals aspiring to get certified as Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  • System Administrators
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Solutions Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Technical Leads

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect


Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam


Post class completion, students can appear for the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam.

Course Content
Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
  • Understand what cloud computing is and the Google Cloud Platform. Also, learn about the various Google Cloud Platform Services.
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Overview of Google Cloud Platform
  • Useful Links and Documentation
  • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview: Compute
  • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview: Networking
  • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview: Storage
  • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview: Tools and Operations


  • Creating a Free Google Cloud Platform Account
  • Navigating to Google Cloud Platform: Services and Products
Managing GCP
  • Manage the Google Cloud Platform using Console or using the Command Line Tool. Learn how to use different Google Cloud utilities such as gcloud, gsutil
  • Managing Google Cloud Platform with Console
  • Managing Google Cloud Platform with Command Line
  • Google Cloud SDK Installation
  • Understand gcloud, gsutil, and other Command-Line Tools
  • Google Cloud Platform Projects and Billings
  • Understand GCP Projects
  • Project User Roles


  • Getting Started with Google Web console
  • Getting Started with Cloud Shell and gcloud
  • Projects in the Cloud Console
Google Cloud Platform: Virtual Networks
  • Learn about GCP networking concepts and how to setup your network topology.
  • Understand VPC fundamentals, Load Balance traffic using a cloud load balancer, and deploy a VPN
  • Global Footprint: Regions, Zones, and Edge Locations
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Cloud Load Balancing
  • Virtual Private Network


  • GCP Load Balancing HTTP traffic
  • VPC networking fundamentals
  • VPN Gateway
Security & Identity Fundamentals
  • Learn Identity and Access management with several management tools that GCP offers
  • Overview of IAM
  • IAM Service Account
  • Identity Aware Proxy (IAP)
  • Cloud KMS
  • Hands-On:
  • IAM Custom Roles
  • IAP Demo
  • Service Account in GCP
  • Getting started with KMS
Compute Services
  • Utilize different Compute Engine services and deploy a Virtual Instance using the console. Also, create an auto-scaled managed instance group and learn how to save snapshots and images.
  • Compute Engine and Virtual Machines
  • Machine types in Compute Engines
  • compute options
  • Disk options
  • Advanced options in compute engine
  • Hands-On:
  • Compute Engine Demo
  • Creating an auto-scaled Managed Instance Groups
  • Snapshots and Images Demo
Data Storage Services
  • In this module, you will understand and learn how to deploy different Data Storage services offered by GCP such as Google Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner
  • Data Service Options
  • GCP Storage
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Spanner
  • Cloud Datastore and Cloud Firestore
  • Cloud Bigtable


  • Cloud Spanner Demo
  • Cloud Datastore Demo
  • Cloud Bigtable Demo
  • Cloud SQL Demo
  • Cloud Storage Bucket Demo
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Understand how to manage containerized clusters using GCP tools such as Container Registry and Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Monolithic and Microservice Architecture
  • Containers
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Helm Package Manager


  • Container Registry Demo
  • GKE Demo
  • Deploying a Memcached service to GKE
Application Development
  • In this module, you will learn how to use Google Cloud App Engine, Cloud Run and Cloud Functions to manage your application on cloud.
  • Compute Service and App Engine
  • Cloud Function
  • Cloud Run
  • Cloud VMware Engine


  • Deploying an Application in Google App Engine
  • Using Cloud Functions
  • Using Cloud Run
  • Understand DevOps Practices and utilize GCP Services such as Cloud Source Repository, Logging and Monitoring Service, Jenkins with GKE and so on to manage your DevOps


  • DevOps
  • Cloud Source Repository
  • Jenkins with Google Cloud
  • Cloud Logging Services
  • Cloud Monitoring Service


  • Cloud Logging and Sinks
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Cloud Source Repository
  • Jenkins in GKE
  • Use the Google Cloud Deployment Manager to manage GCP resources and services for your application.
  • Cloud Resources
  • Configuration
  • Template
  • Deployment Manager


Using Deployment Manager

Big Data and AI Services
  • Understand the various Managed Services offered by GCP and deploy a streaming pipeline with Dataflow templates.
  • Managed Services
  • Dataflow
  • Pub/Sub
  • Big Query
  • Data lab


  • Cloud Dataflow Demo
GCP Architect Short Cuts and Case Studies
  • Learn about the various shortcuts that can be used with the various GCP services using cheat sheets.
  • Learn about real world implementations of GCP in various Case Studies.
  • Google Cloud Certification Course Projects

Available Formats

Live Online